Affiliate Testimonials

  • When it comes to survival food, there's nothing better than freeze-dried food for both taste and shelf life. But in the past, DIY freeze-dried food was impossible for an average household; until Harvest Right came along. Harvest Right allows you to take ultimate control of making your own emergency foods right in the comfort of your own home. This allows you to choose your own ingredients and make lots of emergency food over time. And if you use your Harvest Right often, you'll discover it's a better investment vs buying in bulk from a freeze-dried food manufacturer.

    Just In Case Jack - Visit Website

  • The Harvest Right Freeze Dryer has opened up a world of possibilities in storing high-nutrition foods (especially proteins and meats!) for up to 25 years! ...and without using a bunch of preservatives like I find in so many prepackaged survival foods. I have enjoyed experimenting, freeze-drying just about every edible I can find and almost without exception, I am amazed with the results. Thank you Harvest Right for making such a wonderful device and your excellent customer support as I was learning how to use it!

    PREPSTEADERS - Visit Website

  • We use our machine all the time to preserve fresh fruits, vegetables & meats. We also love making our own homemade family favorite meals like Macaroni and Cheese or chicken noodles soup for campingvor hiking trips. We also use the meals to send to our military son in law & relatives across the country for a "taste of home"

    David and Sonya Boone - Visit Website

  • We got our machine so that we could preserve our garden, make homemade baby food and making amazing gluten free meals for our daughter while she and my husband hike the Adirondack Mountains. We used to can ALOT, now almost everything gets freeze dried. What I love most is that you can take fresh fruits, veggies and thick shredded cheese and use them as snacks as is or you can reconstitute them and use them in cooking. Best purchase by far.

    David and Sonya Boone - Visit Website

  • I have been freeze drying for more than 4 years now and I can't imagine my life without a freeze dryer. There is a certain satisfaction knowing that you have food preserved for any situation. Freeze drying has also made our road trips, camping, hiking and biking trips way more fun and easy to pack for. The food is lightweight, needs no refrigeration and tastes good. On top of that, you always know what ingredients went into the food.

    brian witmer - Visit Website

  • We have had our medium Harvest Right freeze dryer since the end of October 2022. I’ve freeze dried so many things!! No leftovers go to waste. I especially like freeze drying chick broth/stock. When the hens on the farm are in full production I freeze dry raw scrambled eggs. I did over 100 eggs in one week!!

    Jennifer Miller Log Cabin Bakery and Farm - Visit Website

  • We currently have 2 large Harvest Right freeze dryers and looking to add a third... The XL. We have a business making and selling raw/healthy dog treats. It's taking off! Our 2 FDs are running non-stop day in day out. We love these machines and recommend them to just about everyone! Thank you for making such a great product!

    Lorina A Gardner - Visit Website

  • I absolutely love this machine! It has allowed me to store my produce for long time storage and just make so much better use of my garden. I can now just freeze dry and not canned everything. Storage is much easier vs. storing in glass jars. If you want to prep or just make fully use of your groceries, buy one of these machines!

    Andrea Leonard - Visit Website

  • For longterm self reliance and self sufficiency. Having a Freeze dryer takes the number 1 priority in our home. We use this righteously throughout our garden season and compiled more than 15 years worth of freeze dried emergency food. Living in California made it a easy decision to purchase my freeze dryer from Harvestright. Thank you harvestright

    Martin Hyson - Visit Website